WWE Superstars Who Need To Win A World Championship in 2019!

Today we are going over the WWE superstars who need to win the WWE World Championship in 2019. Some of the people featured on our lists were champions in the past, but it’s been far too long. WWE Universe thinks they deserve another run with some gold around their waist or over their shoulders whatever they preferred. Well, the W you give the World Championship to any of these wrestlers probably not. We have a better chance of seeing Jindar Mahal becoming the Universal Championship after defeating Universal Champion in two minutes.  Oh God! We hope we didn’t just jinx of us because that would suck. Let get right on settle before we jinx more with number seven.

The Miz

It’s 2019, and The Miz is still not the World Champion. This man was carrying SmackDown Live on his back in 2016. He drastically improved in the ring & his segments were very entertaining to watch. The Miz has a great look for the company and is very likable with all the media outlets. He pretty much has it all. However, he is involved in some horrible feud with The Bar after becoming a tag team with Shane McMahon.

The fans do not understand why this is happening like you want me to cringe. He shouldn’t be continuing his feud with Daniel Bryan for the championship especially the roles being reversed. We think The Miz should be the one to defeat Daniel Bryan for the championship. Instead, we will most likely see Shane O Mac beating him up with those solid like punches at WrestleMania. Hopefully, The Miz can see the Gold in the future.

Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre deserves all the praise in the World. He was initially supposed to be the chosen one in the WWE. And he quickly clowns of the WWE forming 3MB which made him look like the biggest joke in wrestling history. Rather than pouting this man took a bet on himself, he left the company to work on his in-ring ability as well as his promo skills.

After a few years, he returned, and he is one of the best talents in the company. He is also super mega jacked which we all know Vince McMahon loves. Drew McIntyre is one of the favorite big sweating men.  We hope that he can become the World Champion; he can pull the trigger on him. We can see him becoming the next big superstar of sports entertainment. For WWE results visit https://wwe-news.com/


Finn Balor

Finn Balor is scheduled to wrestle Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble pay per view for the universal championship. Although it seems like Balor will most likely lose his match, but we want to have hope that he can slay the beast with the help of monster Among Men. Brown Strowman is good at interfering at Championship matches at The Royal Rumble. He did it at one Royal Rumble but you know it’s still a fact.

Nonetheless, WWE Universe wants Balor to have a World Championship run because he deserves one after suffering an injury in 2016 that only made his reign a day long. Also, if you remember he held the NXT Championship for over a year in what was the best title reign all time. There were so many great matches and feuds that was so fun to watch. The Demon could be the perfect gimmick for the general audience.