IPL’s first match and surprises are here Already

IPL’s first match and surprises are here already

Yesterday IPL 2019 started, andin the first match, there was more than one surprise. As the surprising bating of Bravo took CSK towards a win, there was another surprise that Bravo had for his fans. You might have noticed that Pollard and Bravo were wearing a jersey numbered as 400. You might be thinking that what was the reason behind this stunt or was it just a coincidence that both players were wearing same numbered shirts. Well, there was no coincidence to it. There was a solid reason behind this move of Pollard and Bravo.They planned it together,and it was a moment in the history of the cricket that is going to be in the mind of the cricket lovers forever.

The reason of No-400 on Jersey

Well, there was no coincidence that both players were wearing the same number,but there was a historic cricket moment that they were celebrating together. Pollard is the first player who has played 400twenty twenty games that is the reason behind his 400 T-shirt. You might be thinking now why bravo did wear that shirt. Well, the idea that he was wearing 400 numbered shirts is that he is the first bowler who took 400 wickets and still playing. So it was a historic moment that was celebrated together by Pollard and Bravo, see more info.

Pollard’s breathtakingbatting

When the match begins,and Mumbai Indian gave an excellent target to CSK. It was challenging to achiev the success. They lost their wickets too early,and then they were all in danger of losing the match,and at some point, it was assumed that it is a one-sided match now. CSK cannot win this match that was the thinking of the Mumbai Indians. But Bravo came on front foot and started a never-ending flow of runs and lead the CSK towards a win. He scored 68 runs on 30 balls. That was amatch-winning innings that Bravo played. It was the day for Pollard I guess as he was celebrating his 400 matches and then he played that incredible inning that pumped the blood of the CSK fans.

The match was thrilling and full of twists

The match was exciting,and it was full of thrill twists. Atfirst, Mumbai Indian scored an excellent target for CSK,and then CSK lost five wickets before reaching 100 or even 70. CSK fans werereally disappointed by the performance,butafter bravos fifty they got to hope that they could see a win for their team. In the end,Bravo made it happen and took an impossible match towards a victory. That is why it is said that IPL is unpredictable. The game can turn its side anytime you cannot predict a whole match that this team is going to even till the last ball of the match. That is the beauty of IPL,and that is why it has the highest rating. A player who is best among their teams is brought together,and then they show who is better and who has more courage. Bravo proved that IPL is not a game that can be won too quickly and can be predicted by one bad our or loss of 5 wickets. Now it is unpredictable what is going to be next in this IPL, teams have the best players,and they are in high morals. Let’s assume every match will be like the first and fans will enjoy the twists that an IPL match beholds.